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Folding Stacking Doors

Affordable Folding Stacking Doors

Folding stacking doors are called by various different names: Folding Doors, Stacking Doors, or Folding Sliding Doors! These modern innovative doors allow exceptionally large openings, opening up your space to let the outdoors in.

As opposed to the limitations of traditional patio doors and french doors where openings are greatly restricted due to areas being closed off, a set of innovative folding stacking doors open up extremely wide spaces.

These doors have multiple panels (between 3 and 10 panels depending on the entire width of the opening) which fold upon one another when opened, all stacking away neatly and compactly. They slide open with an almost effortless gliding option, due to being set on stainless steel rollers.

Folding stacking doors are the perfect choice for a home where the lounge opens up to a garden or veranda, or an apartment or office which opens up to a balcony. With the ability to bring inspiration and creativity into a home by transforming rooms into fashionable living areas, a set of folding sliding doors can blend spaces together, remove barriers between the interior and exterior of your space.

They are also a very practical solution when it comes to affording flexibility to conference centers or community spaces where sometimes you would like to have the space partitioned and sometimes totally opened.


Features and benefits of folding-stacking doors

  • These doors are fully weather-sealed.
  • Effortless smooth gliding action.
  • Locking with the simultaneous top and bottom flush-bolt mechanism.
  • This folding panel system has the option of a flush threshold.
  • Available in anodised or powder-coated aluminium.
  • Available in a wide range of powder-coated colours.
  • Available in standard 4mm glass, toughened glass or laminated safety glass.
  • Glass can be tinted in a range of colours.
  • 3 panel doors, right up to 10-panel doors
  • Sizes up to 7.5m in width, and up to 2.7m in height.

Residential Installations

By installing our expertly engineered doors, you will enhance the look of your home and add lasting value to your property. From standard windows and doors to folding doors, custom-designed facades, and sun louvers, we have specialized solutions aimed at improved aesthetics, functionality, privacy, and protection from the elements.

Our expert manufacture and installation teams are trained to skillfully deliver on any size of project, from standard installations to fitting the most intricate fixtures, always working diligently within your schedules and special concerns.

Aluminum Doors

Sturdy and built to last, our aluminum doors are popular with homeowners and architects alike, offering numerous benefits and great value for money. Our styles include sliding doors, stacking, hinged and swing doors.

Balcony and Verandah Enclosures

Aluminum and glass fixtures offer a perfect solution for enclosing a balcony or verandah, thus adding an extra living area to your home or office building. Each aluminum enclosure is custom designed and manufactured specifically for your space.

COMMERCIAL Folding Stacking Door

Commercial Installations

A comprehensive range of modern architectural aluminum fittings, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and supported by our steady emphasis on service excellence.


We manufacture and install shopfronts in a wide variety of styles, both internal shopfronts – in malls and office blocks – as well as external shopfronts for banks, shopping centers, showrooms, and independent retail stores.

Office Partitioning

Whether you’re looking to create additional offices, meeting rooms, or create divisions within your offices, glass partitions bring immediate and tangible advantages. Available in both framed and frameless systems.

Exterior Folding Doors

As one the most versatile types of patio doors, exterior folding doors can expand your living area as you bring the outdoors in. Add a retractable screen door and enjoy the evening breeze while keeping insects out or integrate shades for privacy and security. Great for all types of gatherings or just hanging out outdoors but inside.

Sliding Glass Doors

Lift & slide and multi-slide doors are our premium types of sliding glass doors that will extend the living space of your home while giving you a panoramic view. These patio doors will extend your living area outdoors with options for a retractable screen door or shades as well. Easy to manage and very sturdy for all types of weather.

Exterior French Doors

Exterior French doors make a dramatic statement and achieve a classic look. They add brightness, ventilation, and elegance to your home, plus they go well with any home and any style.


Talk to us about your next project. Our friendly sales team will be happy to advise you on the most innovative solutions.

Folding Stacking Door Repairs

Here at Repairadoor we are first and foremost visionaries. Oftentimes we are unable to see the special potential of our office or living space when walls block our view. What we at Repairadoor take pride in, is creating a vision for you, to help you see the potential of your space with a variety of door systems including folding door system options. Our consultants then take this vision and match you with the perfect products to create the ultimate dream space with our numerous door and window system options. Our variety of door systems include but are not limited to folding doors, bi-folding doors, multi-slide, lift and sliding doors, and, glass sliding walls.

Our consultant team has spent nearly a decade researching the best products and companies in the luxury folding and sliding door industry, to provide our clients with the optimal quality products at affordable prices.
We strive to provide you with the utmost customer service by working with you from the very first call to the final details of your project completion. Creating a dream space requires teamwork, which is why we are right there with you every step of the way, because for Luxury Doors Gallery, customer satisfaction is an integral part of our business model. Let us revolutionize your space and give you design options you never knew were possible.

Professional Installation & Repair

Repairadoor provides custom, professional sliding and bifold door installation done with our own teams,  no subcontractors and when it comes to windows and doors, we are certified, installation masters. We are known for our attention to detail, so, if we do the installation, we make sure it’s done right the first time – because we guarantee it.

We have been Gauteng’s source for both commercial and residential door replacement and installation for over 20 years. Our knowledge and experience makes us the “door experts.” That’s why you’ll find exactly what you need—made and perfectly installed—right here!

quality folding stacking door


​Open up your space with the Most Innovative, Most Affordable, Folding Doors and windows on the market today.
The weight of the door rests 100% on the bottom track.
No Structural Change to your header required.VERSATILITY AND SECURITY
When fully open, panels stack parallel to one another opening up the space completely.
​When closed, panels interlock together creating a solid and secure structure that resembles a floor-to-ceiling glass wall.INNOVATIVE HARDWARE
Truly innovative operational hardware that is completely concealed within the frame!! sleek contemporary lines without any visible hardware.INDEPENDENT PANELS
Panels are totally independent which gives you control over how many panels are open or closed at one timeADD VALUE TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS
The Slide and Fold System helps you merge spaces for a greater indoor-outdoor experience. Whether it is for your Commercial or Residential projects. Add value to your home or business in Gauteng.

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