Roller Shutter Door Manufacturer

Our team of experienced engineers is focused on designing products with the highest standard of quality and durability. All products are manufactured in Johannesburg and distributed across South Africa.

Roller Shutter Door Manufacturers 

We are the leading Roller Shutter Door Manufacturers in South Africa.


Repairadoor was founded in 2000. Since then, we have been in the business of manufacturing, installing, and providing a full line of innovative high-quality aluminum and steel rolling door products to fit virtually any architectural requirements.

Today, we are establishing nationwide manufacturing and distribution operations across South Africa. Our devotion to research and development has not only allowed us to improve our products but also helped us to develop new and unique products.

Our aluminum roll-up door, for example, combines the strength of a dual-faced design with the lightweight aluminum material to produce a high-quality roll-up door that offers durability and a futuristic appearance.

We are the best Roller Shutter Door Manufacturers in South Africa. It is our passion for attention to detail, quality, and reliability that gives us the edge. And it is our fast service that keeps us ahead of the rest.

Roller shutter doors

We manufacture the following Roller Shutter Doors for Commercial and Industrial use:

  • Motorised Doors or
  • Manually Operated Doors

We manufacture and install Roller Shutter Doors for Shops, Warehouses, Industrial Buildings, Commercial Buildings, and many other business institutions that require a Roller Shutter Door.

You can choose from the following types of Roller Shutter Doors:

  • Standard Galvanised Roller Shutter Door
  • Powder Coated Galvanised Roller Shutter Door
  • Perforated Powder Coated Galvanised Roller Shutter Door

The Motorised Roller Shutter Doors are available with a:

  • Canopy or
  • T-Bar

The Manually Operated Roller Shutter Doors are available with the following options:

  • Chain Drive
  • Slats
  • Canopy
  • T-Bar

Roller shutter door maintenance

Once we’ve manufactured the Roller Shutter Door, our qualified team will come to you to install it professionally and correctly.

We also offer a Maintenance Service on all Roller Shutter Doors that are manufactured and installed by us. In addition, we can also supply the necessary spare parts in cases where a part has become damaged or ineffective.

At Repairadoor all our Roller Shutter Door Spare Parts are always in stock and we urge you to repair or replace the part within one working day, so you can rest assured that when you leave your premises at the end of the day, it will be fixed and your premises will be locked securely.

manufactured for Protection

It’s no secret that crime is a problem in South Africa and protecting your business is a top priority. Our Roller Shutter Doors protect you from intruders with a solid door and secure lock ability and harsh weather conditions.

Our Roller Shutter Doors Protect Home & Businessowners 

For Businesses, we manufacture Motorised Roller Shutter Doors and Manually Operated Roller Shutter Doors for Shops, Warehouses, Industrial Buildings, and Commercial Buildings.

For Home Owners we manufacture Motorised or Electrical Roll-Up or Sectional Garage Doors as well as Manually Operated Garage Doors that are suitable for patio areas and garages.


locally manufactured roller shutter doors

At Repairadoor we are Roller Shutter Door Manufacturers with the best quality parts and with our own manufacturing equipment. All the Roller Shutter Doors are manufactured locally and our team of qualified technicians come to your premises and install them fast and efficiently. This ensures that our products are properly installed for maximum protection and functionality.

We manufacture our products at our warehouse which cuts down on manufacturing times. We are the fastest manufacturer and supplier of Roller shutter Doors in Gauteng and Nationwide.

Why choose our products

Quality Products
We offer the highest standard, with the best application to suit our clients’ needs keeping safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in mind.
All roller shutter door repairs
All servicing & maintenance of roller shutter doors
All parts of roller shutter doors
Experienced Team
With our expert staff and experienced team, we can provide you with the precise shutter system you are looking for.
When compared to other industrial door systems the roller shutter door is by far the most cost-effective, in the size category that it is designed for.
When open, the entire curtain rolls up into a relatively small, convenient housing above the door. Thus eliminating weight boxes & cable around the door.
Industrial roller shutter doors are manufactured to fit specific openings and can also be adapted to suit individual structural requirements.
Locally Manufactured
The entire product is manufactured at our manufacturing plant situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. All related components are therefore readily available.
Our Roller Shutters have high-security features as well as excellent heat insulation properties.

Growing Your Business by Protecting Your investments.

We Design. We Develop. We Deliver.

Roller Shutter Solutions

secure weather-resistant  Durable reliable

Sectional Overhead Doors

Repairadoor’s Sectional Overhead Doors have been designed to be quiet, lightweight, secure and reliable. Sectional doors are suitable for use in commercial and multi-level, strata-type residential applications and will be manufactured to suit your complete requirements.

Available in Amplimesh, Perforated or Solid panels
Available up to a maximum opening height and width of 3.5m High x 6m Wide
Powdercoating available from the Dulux powder coating range including Colorbond
Minimal headroom of 220mm needed for installation
Battery backup included as standard in the event of a power outage

Optional Extras:
Powdercoat (pre-coated)
Special custom panels to suit the door can be made up by request.
Head or side panels available for custom openings.

Steel Roller Shutters

Our Steel Roller Shutters are designed for openings large and small – up to 12m high and 14m wide for all applications and operations, manual and automated. The shutters, rollers, and slats are custom designed by our in-house engineers to provide the quietest operated shutters in the market.

Our designs switch accordingly to each application using a range of slats, guides, rollers, brackets, and other accessories to provide a perfect solution for every application and environment they are installed in. Our Steel Roller Shutters can be used from simple Factory & Warehouse Shutters to the demands of large Fire Rated Shutters.

Constructed from interlocking galvanized steel slats secured on every alternate end by Nylon clips to prevent lateral slat movement and allow smooth operation by minimizing friction.
Standard heavy-duty bearings in the roller drum allow for ease of operation and counterbalancing the weight of the curtain of the door.
High strength galvanized steel guides in varying width’s to allow additional security against vandalism.
Easily repairable components – a full range of spare parts are readily available from our service department and are made in-house.

ALUMINIUM Roller SHUTTERS Manufacturer

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters are designed to work seamlessly in applications where lighter and quieter shutters are needed. Just like any shutter, the aluminum shutters feature hand-balanced, manual operation, and motorized options to suit your specific needs.

Combined with being lighter and quieter, aluminum shutters are very common for use in commercial applications such as Shop Fronts, Sports Complexes, Shopping Centres, Bottle Stores, and anything else in a similar application.

Carpark Roller Shutters

Carpark Roller Shutters provide a solution that includes both our Steel Roller Shutters and our Sectional doors. Both doors are designed for frequent use with excellent ventilation via perforated, mesh, or slotted inserts. They are quietly operated and are designed for quick replacement of parts to maintain security and ease of use.

Repairadoor Carpark Roller Shutters have been specifically designed for high use reliability and low noise. They were designed with carpark entrances and other high traffic areas with ventilation requirements in mind and consist of quick replacement for damaged parts. It is the quietest operating roller shutter in our range and can integrate into various access control applications.

Our sectional doors are quieter than the roller shutters and suit applications for a higher ventilation requirement (up to 85% for mesh panels) and come with battery backup up to 100 cycles as standard in the case of a power failure in the building.


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