Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs
Garage Door Repairs

Quality Garage Door Installation, Service & Repair

Repairadoor is the trusted source for garage door and opener services for homes and businesses throughout Gauteng. We offer a large selection of quality garage doors and garage door openers.

Our knowledgeable and highly trained representatives can help you with any of your garage door needs, including free service estimates, competitive pricing, fast same-day services, and the expertise to repair or maintain any garage door make or model.

When you need dependable, friendly, and experienced garage door services, reach out to your local experts at Repairadoor.

You can count on us to provide any service your garage door or opener may need, including:

  • Garage Door Will Not Open

  • Garage Door Will Not Close

  • Broken Garage Door Spring

  • Broken Garage Door Cable

  • Garage Door Opener Repair

  • Garage Door Track Replacement

  • Garage Door Drum Replacement

  • Garage Door Panel Replacement

  • Garage Door Weather Stripping

  • Replace Broken Rollers

Affordable Garage Door Repairs
industrial Garage Door Repairs
Installation, Repair, and Service of all Residential & Commercial Garage Doors and Openers

At Repairadoor it’s our goal to make each customer 100% satisfied with our installations, service, and repairs. Customer service,  experienced trained technicians and competitive pricing has made us the popular choice for everything garage doors.

No matter what type of service your garage door requires, we’ll get it running quickly so you can get along with your day.

Request a free quote today.

Garage door Service areas

We provide garage door service and repairs to customers in Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, West Rand, East Rand, Pretoria, and Centurion. If you’re outside our service area we have you covered. We have branches nationwide in Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu Natal, Mpumalanga, North West & Limpopo.

We have collaboratively installed over 50,000 doors and serviced countless others.

Give us a call today and we will be over shortly to fix your garage door or garage door opener.

Residential Garage Door Repairs

As a full-service provider, we service a variety of common and uncommon garage door problems. We perform both residential and commercial maintenance and repair most makes and models. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, we can help.

Not sure exactly what service you need?

Call us to ask questions or schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable staff can help diagnose the issue with your garage door or opener and schedule a technician to fix it right away. We supply parts and offer same-day visits, so you can get your garage door running quickly even when dealing with an unexpected emergency.

Contact us to schedule a repair, replacement, or service for your garage door or garage door opener.

Broken Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener sounds like it is running but the chain or belt is not moving, then your garage door opener has a broken gear. Chances are your opener is ten years or older and the gear has stripped. When this happens it doesn’t mean that you need a new garage door opener. The gear is the most common part that needs replacement and can be changed in less than one hour and is much cheaper than a new opener.

Broken Garage Door Spring

If your garage door won’t open, chances are you have a broken spring. Although garage door springs are built to last for a while, they wear down and weaken over time. Garage door springs are responsible for lifting the garage door, when a spring breaks, it places more strain on your opening mechanism making it difficult to open and close safely.

Signs of a Broken Spring:

  • hear a loud “bang” coming from the garage — this is the sound of the spring breaking
  • garage door drops quickly when closing — the spring no longer supports the door’s weight
  • struggling to open smoothly or opens crooked — usually means one of two springs are broken
  • garage door’s cables are loose or detached

A garage door spring can break without notice leaving your vehicle trapped in your garage. Repairadoor fully stocks many different garage door springs ensuring your garage door has the proper gauged spring installed to get your door operating smoothly.

Fast Garage Door Repairs

Finding the Correct Spring for your Garage Door

Every garage door has a different size and weight, so balancing it properly requires the correct garage door spring and installation. It is important to have a service technician who is properly trained to install the correct spring and tension for your garage door.

Single garage doors use one spring but if you have a double garage door, you will have two springs. Generally, one spring will break at a time. However, because each spring is calculated to do the same amount of work, the second spring will need replacing at the same time in order to save money on a second service call soon after.

When you need to replace your garage door springs we are ready to provide expert-level service at a reasonable cost.

Broken Garage Door Cables

Due to corrosion and fraying, garage door cables will often break leaving your door ajar. If your door looks like this picture, one of the cables has snapped on your garage door.

Two cables lift your garage door from the bottom section, one on the left side and the other on the right. When one of these cables breaks the door has no choice but to lift on the side that is not broken. Usually, the door is only on a slight angle when this first happens and gets much worse when the homeowner tries to open the door.

Signs of a Broken Cable:

  • cable has become loose on the door
  • The garage door does not sit level on the floor
  • The garage door does not operate smoothly

What to do when your Garage Door Cables Break

If a cable snaps or begins to, you should stop using your door right away. If you notice frayed wires, strange sounds, or you just feel like your door isn’t working correctly, call Repairadoor as soon as you can.

Quick Garage Door Repairs Company

Garage Door Will Not Close


In most cases the garage door operator is causing the issue stopping your door from closing, here are the most common problems:

 Operator Remote Batteries are Dead

Batteries used in remote openers have an average life span of about two years but can last longer depending upon use. Test your door using the wall button, exterior keypad, or another remote to see if this is the issue first.

Photo Eyes out of Alignment

Located at the bottom right and left of the garage door tracks will be photos eyes or sensors. These photo eyes transmit an invisible beam that detects if anything is obstructing the garage door’s path when it closes. This safety measure is there to prevent automatic garage doors from closing on top of someone or something and causing serious injury or damage. When the door reverses it will be followed by a clicking sound and lights flashing on the opener unit.

To resolve this issue, first, move anything obstructing the sensor path beam then clean the lenses. If the issue still arises locate the receiving sensor, it will have a green LED/light. This LED will be off, dim or flickering indicating sensor is out of alignment. To fix, loosen the wing-nut and move the sensor till the LED is a solid green confirming the sensor is now aligned.

If the LED is not coming on the other issues will be, broken wires, sensors that need replacement, or loose connection.

If that is the case please call to schedule a service call to replace your garage door sensors.

Garage Door Operator Limit Settings

If your garage door closes all the way and then immediately goes back up instead of staying in the closed position, the most likely culprit is the open and close limit settings of your garage door opener.

The limit range tells the garage door opener how far down the door should move before it’s fully closed. If your settings are too high, the door will hit the ground before the opener thinks it should and assume it’s hitting something, and automatically reverse. This safeguard is to prevent crushing whatever is beneath it.

Locate the limit knobs or dials on your operator and adjust as needed. If you find that adjusting the limit settings isn’t working, please call us and we will help get your garage door to stay closed.


Garage Door Track is out of Alignment

If your garage door track is out of alignment, it can cause serious issues. The track needs to be aligned properly in order for the rollers to smoothly guide the door up and down. In most cases, tracks would come out of alignment if they were hit by your car or any other heavy objects. If you see that your tracks have been bent or dislodged from your wall, you have a problem and need to schedule a service appointment.

 Broken Garage Door Rollers

Bent or broken rollers can cause friction or jamb your garage door when trying to open or close. This friction will prompt your operator to stop working or make it very difficult to operate manually. Check to see if your rollers are still on track and are moving freely, if not call to book a service request to replace your rollers.

Garage Door Operator has a Broken Gear

If your automatic operator is running but the chain or belt is not moving, chances are your gear has stripped and needs replacement. In this case, you can pull on the “Emergency Release Cord” and manually close the garage door.

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