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Repairadoor garage door motor Repair  Services

Garage door motors are made to increase security and they integrate a number of safety features to protect users from accidents, but only when they are properly serviced and installed.

Let us help you when you search for a new garage door motor or are in need of a service. With our experience and dedication, you will select the right motor for your door and feel safe when you use it.

We are specialists in residential as well as commercial garage door motors and their services. We can install and repair any chain, screw, or belt by Centurion, E.T, Gemini,  and other leading opener manufacturers.

Although all Gate motor features are essential!

power of the garage door motor is vital to the overall door performance.

If the motor is not powerful enough, the door will have a hard time moving at the expected pace and the unit will wear faster. Not only do we help you find the ideal motor, but also fix it fast.

We take care of the wires, the reverse system, the chain, the sensors, the release rope, and any other part of the garage door motor.

Are the gears broken? We replace them. Does the door stop before reaching its opening position? We adjust the limit of travel. As specialists in home and business garage door openers repair in Gauteng, our experts can help you with any problem.

Trust our company to service your garage door motor and inspect its safety features. We can test the reverse mechanism and maintain the unit for better operation. Whenever you need garage door motor service in Gauteng call our local team.


The most secure way to open your garage is to use a garage door motor with a remote. This way you don’t need to get out of your car to open the door and expose yourself. If your garage door motor is giving you problems or is in need of a service give us a call we have a full range of spare parts from all the major brands.


At Repairadoor we provide comprehensive repairs and maintenance for all types of garage door motors. We only hire expert technicians so you will not have to deal with misdiagnosis or slow repairs. When you need a garage door motor repair or servicing done fast and done well, give us a call. Your garage door motor will be running like new in no time!


At Repairadoor, we are happy to suggest a new garage door motor. We highly recommend Centurion garage door motors for their durability and dependability. Plenty of features makes Centurion the top choice for residential and commercial garage doors. Contact us now for a fast quote!

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Repairadoor Installation & Repair Services offers everything related to gate and garage door automation alongside our other services. Our qualified team is experts in:

•    Garage door automation on new and existing doors
•    Gate automation on new and existing gates
•    Installing new automatic garage doors and gates
•    Offering maintenance services and repairs on automatic gates and garage motors

Your garage door automation includes:
  • Servicing of the garage door
  • The garage door motor (with battery back-up)
  • Batteries
  • Installation
  • Garage door motor remote controls
  • Programming of the remotes

We can also supply you with extra remotes if you require.

These are some of the most common types of electric garage doors:
  • Roll-up or roller garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Tip-up garage doors
  • Wooden garage doors
  • Steel / Aluminium garage doors


Safety is a priority for our team at Repairadoor, so we always suggest the best products to keep your home and business as safe as possible. Gate and garage door automation not only increases the value of your property but takes away major safety risks associated with non-automated gates and garages.

Some of the safety benefits of automated gates and garage doors:

–    Property is more difficult to break into with an automated gate
–    Cars and valuables are safer behind automated garage doors
–    With gate and garage automation, you don’t need to expose yourself by getting out of your vehicle, leaving it unattended while you have to manually open the gate or garage door
–    Keep your pets and children safe by having a gate automatically close behind your vehicle as you drive in; this way they can’t run into the street as easily

You can rely on the industry’s largest and most qualified network of professionals for expert recommendations and worry-free installation, repair and maintenance of your garage door motor.
different types of garage door motors
we make your access safer and your life easier. Get the peace of mind that only comes with working with a trusted gate motor company.

Centurion garage door motors

We install the following makes of electric garage door motors:
  • Centurion
  • Digidoor
  • ET Systems

The Centurion garage door motors we have available for installation, are one of South Africa’s number one sellers. Centurion has excellent garage door motors on offer for sectional garage doors as well as for roll-up garage doors.

We recommend Centurion products as the best garage door openers. The Centurion Xtrac, RDO and SDO4 are the motors that we stock and fully installed including a free garage door service.

The Centurion XTrac is for sectional or Tip-up Automated Garage Doors. The Centurion RDO is for Roller Doors.

The Centurion XTrac is one of the most popular and recommended garage door automation systems. It has excellent features for an automatic garage opener. This is a sectional garage door motor.
Centurion XTrac mechanical features include:
  • Battery backup (with dual power – always on)
  • Revolutionary design providing whisper-quiet garage door motor operation
  • Adaptive anti-crushing protection for greater safety. If the garage door opener detects an obstruction when closing the door, it will stop closing and open immediately.
  • Strong and reliable 24V geared DC motor for top electric garage door functioning.
  • Manual override can disengage and re-engage in any position.
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Wireless wall switch which can active four features such as:
  • Open and close garage door; switch the courtesy light on and off; electronically lock the system for greater security; override the autoclose facility.
  • Holiday Lockout Mode. With this, you can electronically lock your garage door at the press of a button. No other remotes can open it.
  • Autoclose – you can set your garage door to close automatically should you forget and leave it open.
  • The Centurion code-hopping remotes use the same top-of-the-range technology like that in vehicle security systems.
  • We can program the remotes so that they can control not only your garage door opener but also your automatic gate motors, house alarm, garage door motor light, etc.
  • There are flexible power supply capabilities. Because of this, low voltages or power surges have little or no effect on the motor.
  • With the Centurion XTrac, you can also use solar power to run your garage door automation.
The Centurion XTrac kit for your garage door automation includes:
  • All parts for the motor and its installation
  • 2 Batteries
  • Remotes
  • Wireless wall switch
Centurion RDO automated garage door motor
Centurion RDO Garage Door Motor  – Roller Door Opener

We also recommend the Centurion RDO electric garage door motor. The RDO roll-up garage motor has excellent features for garage door automation. The motor is fitted on the inside of the drum. As a result, there is no exposure to any potentially dangerous moving parts. Furthermore, the compact design of the motor enables it to be mounted in an extremely narrow space.

mechanical features include:
  • Battery backup.
  • It has a special design so that the garage door opener operation is extra quiet.
  • Anti-crushing protection for greater safety. The door will stop and reverse if it detects any obstruction. This prevents serious injury to people or damage to property.
  • Convenient manual override for the garage door motor.
Electronic features include:
  • There is a wall-mounted controller with a Courtesy Light. This lights up the entrance whenever the automatic door opener is activated. It remains on for a pre-set period of time afterward.
  • There is a wireless wall switch that enables you to operate the automatic door opener remotely.
  • Centurion remotes have specialized code-hopping technology. Each time you use the remote it emits a unique, changing control signal. This signal cannot be copied or grabbed. As a result of this, it increases safety and security.
  • We can link the Centurion RDO to a keypad so that pedestrians can have easy access.
  • There is an external manual override. This enables you to access your garage if the motor stops working.

Why Install a New Garage Door Opener

The new types of garage door opener that we install come with new code hopping remotes, improved security, the latest dc motor design, and features as well as battery backup and a 1-year guarantee. Most importantly, you will have a motor that will operate during power shortages and power failures.

With each repair of a garage door motor, you will be paying for labor and materials. If you have two different components break within a short period of time you can very easily have spent more than 50% of the cost of a new motor. You also only have a guarantee on the parts replaced and any other part can break at any time. In addition, the guarantee on parts is only approximately 3 months. So, the repair is not always the best route.

Contact us today for a free quote for a new garage door motor installation.


Gates motor repairs & installations

At Repairadoor we also provide solutions for any problems that you may be experiencing with your driveway gates. We can look at gate repairs or automation, including:
  • Wheels
  • Welding
  • Rack
  • Alignment and bending
  • Motor repair and installation
  • And more
Gate Motor Services

Gate wheels often get worn and then require replacement. It is important to install the correct size and type of gate wheel. Any hindrance to the movement of the gate will affect your gate motor and cause damage to it or shorten its life span.

We do small welding repairs for gates when some of the metal needs to be secured. Welding work can also be needed when someone has driven into the gate or criminals have damaged it whilst attempting to break-in.

Many times we have to bend gates that have been driven into or even just those that, over time, have become bent. If the bend in the gate is too large or the damage too great, the gate may need to be replaced. One can bend metal only so far and then it will begin to break. Also, gates with diagonal bars cannot be bent back into shape.

When it comes to gate motors, often we need to replace batteries that have run down and no longer function, and cannot be recharged. Another common problem is an issue with the PC board – especially after lightning strikes. Mechanically, we may need to replace a worn track, a pinion, or maybe even a gearbox.

We install new gate motors for both swing and sliding gates. We prefer the Centurion products as they are of good quality and have excellent support. We can also assist with additional gate security measures such as gate motor theft-resistant brackets, anti-lift brackets, and more. As well as other gate accessories such as IR beams to control the opening and closing of the gate.

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